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Модальные глаголы.Тест.
28.04.2016 1102 415 Койшибаева Гульраушан Бакеновна

Modal verbs. Test.
1. Can you do it now? I'm afraid I ... .
a) can b) must c) can't d) may
2. She wants to get only excellent marks. She ... work very hard.
a) must b) can c) may d) can't
3. My friend ... play chess very well.
a) must not b) may c) can d) must
4. ... your baby talk?
a) may b) can c) must d) may not
5. He wants to be a teacher of history. He ... study history.
a) must b) can to c) may d) may to
6. How many foreign languages ... you speak now?
a) may b) can c) must to d) must
7. All the engineers working at our office ... know foreign languages.
a) must b) can c) mustn't d) may to
8. I ... make a report in English. I know it well enough.
a) may b) must c) can d) must to
9. I don't feel well. I … stay at home.
a) can't b) may c) can to d) must
10. What ... see in this room?
a) you can b) can you c) must you to d) you must
11. Today is Sunday I ... get up later than usual.
a) may to b) can c) mustn't d) must to
12. Your father is in the bath-room. He ... be taking a shower.
a) must b) can to c) can't d) may not
13. ... go shopping at once?
a) I can b) I may to c) must I d) must I to
14. I ... see you tomorrow. I have no time to see you today.
a) mustn't b) can c) can't d) must to
15. You ... come if you are ill.
a) mustn't b) may to c) can to d) can’t to

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