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Test for 6 grade
13.04.2016 2476 513 Карсакбаева Гулмира Когисовна

Control work. Name: ____________________________
1. Sue_______ listening to music. Grade: ___________________________
a) like Date: ____________________________
b) likes
c) liked
2. My favourite subject is ______________
a) math
b) riding a bike
c) stamp collecting
3. What _________your favourite subjects?
a) am
b) is
c) are
4. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
a) Yes, I do.
b) Yes, I did.
c) Yes, I will.
5. In summer Colin ___________ his aunt.
a) visits
b) visited
c) visit
6. Colin lives in a beautiful ____________in the village.
a) cottage
b) swimming pool
c) theatre
7. Astana has a lot of modern ____________.
a) farms
b) buildings
c) bridges
8. There is a ________ of Abai Kunanbayev in our city.
a) underground
b) statue
c) tram
9. London is the capital of _____________
a) Australia
b) Great Britain
c) Germany
10. Astana is on the river _______
a) Esil
b) Volga
c) Nil
11. Do you watch TV every day?
a) I watch TV.
b) Yes, I watch.
c) Yes, I do.
12. Judo, tennis, chess, football are_______.
a) sports
b) school subjects
c) musical instruments.
13. Did you watch TV last night?
a) I did watch TV.
b) Yes, I did.
c) Yes, I do.
14. Where ______ you born?
a) were
b) was
c) is
15. See you tomorrow!
a) Hello!
b) Thank you!
c) Good bye!

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