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Тест 8 класс
27.02.2016 1114 373 Гуляева Нина Владимировна

1 Translate the words into Russian:
to sit up late,
to boss somebody,
sense of humor
2 Complete the sentences
a) There are many ____________________ of being the youngest in the family
b) My _______________ consist of 4 persons: I, my Mum, a Dad and a sister
3 Put the Participle 1
a) _________ home he met his old friend
b) _________ homework I forgot about meeting
c) She spoke on phone ________
(sit, go, do)
4 “Oliver Twist” and “David Copperfield” were written by ….
5 “To be or not to be – that is the question!” from “Hamlet” was written by …
6 A great Kazakh poet (1845=1904) is …
7 Translate into English:
a) Я сейчас читаю книгу
b) Олег играл в теннис в 3 часа
с) Он не будет работать в 8 часов
8 The youth groups are …
9 Divide these words into 3 categories
(Yahoo, google, talk show, yandex, rock, pop, jazz, sites, hip hop, game show, news, fishing)
10 The King of Rock and Roll is …
11 The King of Pop Music is …
12 Put this sentence in Present Perfect Continuous:
It ( rain) for 5 hours already

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