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Конспект к уроку английского языка «Transport of London» 10 класс
07.10.2015 3500 268 Лопата Кристина Михайловна


Educational: to practice students in monological and dialogical speech, to teach students to work creatively and introduce new words, expressions according to the theme.

Developing: to enrich children’s memory and logical thinking, to develop creativity doing exercises.

Bringing up: to bring up pupils to love for foreign language, promoting interest in the culture.

Level: elementary

The type of the lesson: lesson-combination.

Inter subject connection: Russian, Kazakh.

The visual and teaching aids: a basic textbook, cards.

Organization moment: (2 min)

*    Greeting

Good morning. How are you?I am glad to see you! Now children let’s begin our lesson. Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What day of the week today?

What is the weather like today?

What season is it now?

Take out your books, pens and copybooks. Get ready for the lesson.

What date is it today?

Everyone open your exercise-books and write down the date.

Checking HW (5 min):

1.     The new words.

2.     The grammar rules./articles/

3.     Text for good reading and translating.

Presentation of the new theme: (15 min)


Heathrow is London's major airport. It was opened in 1929 as a small base for flight test, and became an international airport in 1946.

Over 40 million people pass through Heathrow each year and 1000 aircrafts a day land and take off. More than 53000 people work at Heathrow airport. There are 14 dogs which can smell drugs. There are four terminals. From them you can fly direct to 85 countries. Heathrow is in the south - west underground rail link which takes an hour to reach central London. There are many robberies from passengers' luggage at the airport, and it is sometimes called «Thiefrow».


Gatwick is London's second airport after Heathrow. It is about 25 miles south of London. Gatwick opened in 1930. It has two terminals. Twenty - one million passengers pass through the airport every day, and in the summer about 700 flights land every day.


Stansted is London's third airport. It is 30 miles north of London. It was opened in 1942 as a base for the American Air Force during the second World War. In 1966 Stansted became a passenger airport and its first termi­nal opened in 1969. It takes over 1 million passengers a year, many of them holiday - makers. A second terminal opened in 1991 and Stansted can now handle 8 million passengers a year, many of whom are people who can not go through London's two other airports, Gatwick and Heathrow.

8. Cover the texts and fill in the missing number into the gaps.

1)    More than_________ people work at Heathrow airport.

2)     Around___________ planes a day take off and land at Heathrow.

3)     There are__________ dogs at Heathrow which can smell drugs.

4)     From Heathrow you can fly to__________ countries.

5)     Stansted airport opened in____________ .

6)     Every year_________ passengers are taken over at Stansted.

7)     Gatwick is about__________ miles south of London.

8)     Gatwick has___________ terminals.

85                                                       53,000 1942                                  1000

8000000     2       25     14

Which of these remarks are true?

1)  In 1929 Heathrow didn't open as an international airport.

2)   It is not possible that your suitcase can be stolen at Heathrow.

3)   Heathrow is the oldest of the 3 main airports of London.

4)   All 3 airports have equal number of passengers a year.

5)    Gatwick has the least number of passengers who pass through the airport every year.


Practice: (15 min)

The text for good reading and translating p. 11

Ex. 11,12, 13 p 12-13orally

Ex. 14,15,16, 17  p 13-14 writing

Homework. (2 min)

1.     Ex.18  p.14

2.     The new words

3.     The grammar rules.

Conclusion. (2 min)

Our lesson is reaching the end. My dear, today you were very active and worked hard.

Your marks for today’ s lesson are…

Thank you! See you later!

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