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Конспект к уроку английского языка "What colour is your cat?" 3 класс
01.09.2015 1608 246 Черниязова Дамеген Валерьевна

Aim of the lesson: a) to teach pupils to work creatively and introduce new words, expressions according to the theme.
b) to develop their thinking abilities and speaking in English
c) to be able to talk about colours
Waiting result: a)Revise new words
b)To improve reading, translating skills
The method of the lesson: «Semantic map» strategy.
Equipment: Flash cards, interactive board, flipchart, toys and etc.

The procedure of the lesson Teacher’s action Student’s action
Organization moment a)greeting the students
b)asking the absence of the class
c)talking on the weather greet, answer the questions of teacher
Psychological training
dividing into two groups a)All pupils stand in a circle hold their hands and wish each other.
I wish I was well read
I wish I was wise
I wish that my good looks
Would win me a prize.
b)Give students pictures of objects of the fruits and colours. They must think critically about these pictures and say how can they divide into groups.
To say each other wishes.
They think critically about these pictures, and say how can they divide into groups.
Checking up home task Test
1.What’s this?
a)It’s a chair
b)It’s bad
c)They’re books
2.Have you got a bike?
a)No, it isn’t
b)No, she hasn’t
c)No, I haven’t
3.Can I borrow your pen?
a)Yes, I can
c)Yes, you are
4.Whose pen is this?
a)They’re mine
b)It’s Omar’s
c)It isn’t a pen
5.Whose jeans are those?
a)It’s Carol’s
b)They’re nice
c)They’re mine
6.What’s your mum like?
a)She’s a teacher
b)She’s beautiful
c)Her name’s Alma
7.How many sisters have you got?
a)She has got three sisters
b)My mother has got five pens
c)I have got one sister
8.Are these Colin’s shoes?
a)Yes, it is
b)Yes, they are shoes
c)Yes, they are his
Each group must find and say their answers.
New theme presentation a) Solve the crossword.
All pupils must find the name of the new theme. It will be "Colour”.
b) New words:
green blue red
black white brown
yellow purple orange
c) Look and listen. Pupils look at the blackboard and listen new words from the video.
d) I’ll give to pupils toys and then they must answer my questions:
1. What do they have?
2. What colours are their toys?
Find and write
1.cat 2.dog 3.lion
4.fox 5.mouse 6.rabbit
Repeat after teacher
They’ll answer the questions
True or false Are these sentences true or false?
1.It is a blue and red bag. T F
2.It is an orange and green car. T F
3.It is a purple and red box. T F
4.It is a blue and yellow rubber. T F
5.It is a purple pencil. T F
They’ll read and say true or false sentences.
Poster Read and draw.
Give them some papers with sentences, they must read and draw.
1. It is a house. It is yellow and green.
2. It is a kite. It is orange and blue. They’ll read the sentences and draw.
Warm up exercise "Head, shoulders, knees and toys” Repeat the actions of the children from the video together with pupils. Repeat the actions of the children from the video.

Read the dialogue from pupil’s book on page 63.
Asel: Hello, Colin.
Omar: Hello, Carol.
Colin: Hi.
Carol: Hi.
Omar: Have you got pets?
Carol: Yes, we have got a dog and a cat. Have you?
Omar: No, we haven’t. What colour is your cat?
Colin: It’s black and white.
Omar: What colour are its eyes?
Colin: They’re brown. Read the dialogue from each group.

Answer the questions T: What does Carol have?
P: She has got a dog and a cat.
T: Does Omar have pets?
P: -No, he hasn’t
T: What colour is his cat?
P: It’s black and white.
T: What colour are its eyes?
P: They’re brown. Answer the questions.
"Semantic map” 1. Look and tick
On the blackboard some pictures of children. They must look at the picture and tick where necessary. They’ll look at the pictureand tick semantic map where necessary.
Reflection I’ll give them smiles. And so, they must show their feelings about lesson. Show smiles
Marking Every group count their stickers. Pupils count their stickers.
Giving home task Write about your favourite
pet(2-3 sentences). Pupils open their diaries and write their home task.

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