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Конспект к уроку английского языка "Where is Great Britian?" 5 класс
28.05.2015 1847 0 Кайиржан Арай Жаснауиовна

Aims of the lesson:
1) Educational:To enlarge pupils’ knowledge on the theme.
2) Developing:To develop habits of reading, writing, speaking.
3) Bringing-up: to bring-up love and interest in the subject.
Tasks of the lesson:
1) To give some information about Great Britain
2) To work with the text
3) To introduce with new vocabulary
The type of the lesson: mixed
Visual aids:cards, slides, posters, pictures.
The procedure of the lesson:
I.Organization moment: -Hello! Sit down, please. –How are you?
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?
-What date is it today?
-What is the weather like today?
II.Warming-up activities:To read the tongue-twister Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?
III. Checking-up home task:-What was your homework? Let’s check your homework.
IV.The new theme:Act 1.I divided you into three groups: Scotland, England, Wales. A) What language do you know? Tell me: Russian, Kazakh, English, Spanish, German, etc. Now call me English-speaking countries. They are English, British, Scottish, etc. Who can tell me what is the theme of our lesson? It is "Where is Great Britain?” At this lesson we will talk about Great Britain.
Act2. A) Today we have an unusual lesson.First answer my question What do you know about Great Britain? You must write the words which connects with Great Britain in your posters. Then you will show us then read this words.
 I shall introduce you with Great Britain. Look at the board.
The United Kingdom of the Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. –What color of the flag Great Britian? The flag consist of three color. They are red, white and blue. London is the capital of Great Britain. The big rivers in Britain are the Thames. The UK is a constitutional monarchy. The head of the country is Queen Elizabeth II. (work with slides)
Act 2.What sightseeing’s of Great Britain do you know? Match the pictures to the words

British Museum
Double Decker bus
Big Ben
London Eye
Buckingham Palace
Act3.Now look at the blackboard. Let’s see sightseeing of Great Britain.
Act 4.Let’s do some exercise. Stand up please.
Act 5.To do exercises True or false. Work in groups
1.Great Britain is in the Atlantic ocean.
2.London is the capital of Great Britain.
3.Great Britain divide into 2 parts.
4.They speak Russian in Great Britain.
5.There is not king or queen in Great Britain.
6.The big rivers in Britain are the Thames.
V. Conclusion:1.What sightseeing?
2.What is the capital of Great Britain?
3.Where is Great Britain?
4.How many parts are there?
3.Reflection: Your ideas: you like, you don’t like, you don’t understand
The lesson is over. Good bye.