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Конспект к уроку английского языка "Советы по выбору школы" 9 класс
22.05.2015 1871 0 Мусаева Гулнур Мухаммедризаевна

- Ввести системы образования в Казахстане и Великобритании
-объяснить им полезную информацию о образования
- Разработать словарь ученика и составление приговоров способность
- Сравнить образование в Великобритании, США и Казахстана
- Узнать новые слова об образовании
- Делать различные уровни упражнения, которые для использования грамматические структуры в нужной форме
- Говорить полезную информацию об образовании в устной речи
- Разработать говорящих привычки, которая, описывающие школу собственной страны на английском языке и делать практическую работу
Форма урока: смешанный
The aims:
- introduce the systems of education in Kazakhstan and the UK
-to explain them useful information about Education
- to develop pupil’s vocabulary and making up sentences ability
- to compare education in UK,USA and Kazakhstan
- to learn new words about Education
- doing different levels exercises which to use grammar structures in a right form
- to speak useful information about education in oral speech
- to develop speaking habits which is describing own country’s school in English and doing practical work
Form of the lesson: mixed
Visual aids: pictures, cards, interactive board.
Methods of the lesson: creative thinking
Plan of the Lesson
1 Organization moment
Warm – up
The school
The school has doors that open wide
And friendly teachers wait inside
Hurry, hurry, let`s go in
For soon the lessons will begin
Books and pencils I will need
When I start to write and read
Lots to learn and lots to do
I like to go to school, don`t you?

Checking up the home task. Проверка д/з.
ESSAY ‘If I were millionaire’

Yes, very nice. All these words concern school theme. Today will speak about the Schools in Britain and Kazakhstan.
Teacher: What do you see at the photo?
P1: It’s school.
Teacher: What’s the name of our school?
P2: Our school is named after Ken.
Teacher: Who is your school director?
P3: Kadirov Zhomart Bolatovich.
Teacher: What’s your first teacher’s name who taught you to read and write?
P4: My first teacher’s name is ___________.
Teacher: Who is your form class teacher?
P5: Our form class teacher’s name is Gulizat Orazovna.
Teacher: Who is your English teacher?
P1: Gulnur Muhammedrizaevna.
Teacher: It’s very nice of you. Today we’ll speak about the schools. Open your copy-books and write down the date. The theme of today’s lesson is "Choosing schools”.
Before reading and working with text, let’s take the new words.
New words

1. Education
2. State school
3. Private school
4. Compulsory
5. Junior school
6. Infant school
7. Uniform
8. Attend
9. Modern school
10. Grammar school
11. Comprehensive

4 Reading Open your Solutions books.
Read the text. Match the paragraphs with the three of the heading.
• In England, children start secondary school at the age of 11. In the first two years of secondary school, all the students study the same 12 subjects. They are: English, maths, science, design and technology, information and communication technology, history, geography, a foreign language, art and design, music, PE. When students are 14, they can choose the subjects that they like, but some subjects are still compulsory.
• At the age of sixteen , students take national exams called GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education exam). After these exam, about 25% of students leave school and find jobs. The other 75% stay at school. They study two, three or four school subjects and take advanced level exams (‘A levels’) when they are 18.
• Most students in England (about 90%) go to state secondary schools. State schools are free. The other 10% go to private schools. Some of these schools are very famous - and very expensive. For example, it costs about £ 24, 000 a year to study at Eton College.
Writing Listen to the text. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)
1. Students don’t see their families for a year.
2. They get up at half past seven.
3. They do homework before and after dinner.
4. They go to bed at 9 o’clock.
5. They do homework at the weekends.
6. They do lots of activities at the weekends.
6 Presenting the new theme Let’s watch the video about Britain and Kazakhstan schools.

Answer the questions.
1. What kind of schools are there in England?
2. What kind of schools are there in Kazakhstan?
3. When do their lessons start?
4. When do your lessons start?
5. Do they go to school on Saturday?
6. Do you go to school on Saturday?
7. Do they wear uniform?
8. Do you wear uniform?
9. When do their lessons finish?
10. When do your lessons finish?
11. What does A level mean?
12. What school subjects have they got at their school ?
13. What school subjects have you got at your school ?
14. What kind of activities are there in Britain?
15. What kind of activities are there in Kazakhstan?
Traditional British School
Alternative American School
British School American School

Location and Size
After – school activities

Ex 10
1.e 2.e 3.a 4.d 5.f 6.b
Marks. Выставление оценок.
Домашнее работа:
Composition "My school”
The lesson is over. Good bye!