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Конспект к уроку английского языка "Present Perfect"
14.05.2015 1255 0 Смагулова Сания Жасулановна

The aims of the lesson:
Educational: to teach using new words , to consolidate The Present Perfect
Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , understanding, reading and writing.
Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
Form of the lesson: practical lesson.
The methods of teaching : Speaking, writing, listening, reading, question – answer.
The equipment of the lesson : Active blackboard, song , picture , card
The plan of the lesson :
I. Organization moment
II) Phonetic training
III. Presentation of new material
IV) Consolidate of new material
Organization moment. 3minutes
a) Greetings
T:Good afternoon ,dear children! Sit down. I am glad to see you.
T:My name is Saniya
T: Нow are you?
b) a dialogue with a student who is on duty
T: Who is on duty today?
P:I’m on duty today
T:Who is absent ?
P: …… is absent
T: What date is it today?
P: Today is the of marth
T:What day is that today?
P:Today is Thursday
c) A talk about the weather?
T:What season is it now?
P: It is winter.
T:What is the weather like today?
P:Yes,I like.
III. Presentation of new material 18 minutes
Listening activity
Work with new words 9 minutes
T:Open our books on page 87, look at exercise 1 .We will read these words. Ok,good.
hurt – ауру
Thursday- бейсенбі
Nurse- медбике
Curtains- перделер
Girl- қыз
Shirt- жейде
Bird- құс
Work with new text 9 minutes
Reading activity
Look at the 2nd exercise on page 87. Well, we read the text.
Last Thursday this girl hurt her arm. She had to see the nurse. The girl was very sad because it was her birthday.
В прошлый четверг эта девушка поранила руку Она должна была осматреться у медсесры.Девушка очень грустно, потому что это было в ее день рождения.
Today was the first time I wore my purple skirt and new green shirt. Look, the skirt has got of circles on it.
Сегодня был первый раз, когда я носил мой фиолетовый юбку и новую зеленую рубашку. Посмотрите, юбка имеет кругов на нем.
My curtains are purple. Look! There are lots of birds on them
Мои шторы фиолетовый. Смотри! Есть много птиц на них
T; let's listen to the text using audio recording. Well we listened to the text.
T:So read again . Circle the words with ur and underline the words with ir .
Words: Thursday, girl ,hurt, first, purple, shirt, birds.
T:Ok, good job.
T :Children , please, stand up .And repeat ,all together 2 minutes
Stand up ! Clap, Clap!
Arms up! Clap! Clap!
Step! Step! Arms down!
Clap !Clap! Please , Sit down.
IV) Consolidate of new material: 3 minutes
T:Children, please, open your books. Let's do this exercises.
Writing activity
T:Ex.3 p 87 Complete the words ur or ir .
· Curtains - Перделер
· Sat..day - what is it?
· Th..sty –What is it?
· Sk..t- What is it?
· N..se- What is it?
· C..cles- What is it?
· F..st- What is it?
8) Sh..t- What is it?
V)Peфлексия:3 minutes
Speaking activity
Where is the girl in picture ?
What is the girl in picture 2 wearing
What is the boy picture 3 pointing to
T: Ok , thank you!
T: Did you like this lesson?
P:Yes, Like this lesson.
T:Your homework work book p….. ex.
T:Thank you for your attention! See you next lesson. Good bye!