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Конспект к уроку английского языка "Do you have…? Yes, I do/ No, I do not" 3 класс
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Objectives: To assist in developing language abilities of the pupils.

      Educational: - to fix the theme of the previous lesson.

-          to accumulate knowledge

-          to work with individual cards

-          to apply knowledge in activities

-          to teach to give summary

         Developing: - to encourage pupils’ interest

                             - to expand information horizons.

          Bring -up - to respond to the pupils as individual

-          to promote international relationship

-          to bring up a sense of patriotism. 

Visual aids: a book by M. Bowen work book pictures and interactive board

Literature: a book by M. Bowen and Teacher’s book




1. Greeting.

2. Phonetic drill.                                                  

3. Speaking warm-up activity.

4. Checking-up activity.

5. Presentation new grammar material.

6. Physical training.

7. Fixing new knowledge.

8. Home-task.

9.  Summary.






Instructional setting









  - Good afternoon children! Sit down, please! How are you? Today at the lesson we will review all information about the material of the previous lesson, also I will check your home work. And, of course we will begin studying new theme "Do you have…? Yes, I do/ No, I do not.  Let’s begin our lesson!


  T- Cl


 Phonetic drill. Look at the blackboard children! You see a short poem. Dear pupils listen to me, repeat after me, please! All together. Then you’re read one by one.


            A B C D E

            Stand up and look at me.

            F G H I J

            I play football every day.

            K L M N O

            I like cake oh, oh, oh

            P Q R S T

            Hey people listen to me.

            U V W X Y Z

            The alphabet is in my head!

 Nice of you! Let’s repeat it one more time.


T- Cl

Cl – T

P1-P2- …  


  Speaking warm-up activity.

What is your name? – My name is …

How are you? – I’m fine!

How old are you? – I’m …
Where are you from? - I’m from Kazakhstan.

Where are you from in Kazakhstan? - I’m from Kostanai.

Kazakhstan is our motherland. Who can translate it? "Mother”Aна. "Land”- Жер, яғни "Туған жер Отан.

Motherland – ОтанРодина.






Checking – up home work.

What was your home work?

Our home work was to learn new words by heart.

Are you ready? O’K let’s deign check it. 

   Eyes – көз                              Short – қысқа

   Ears– құлақ                          Long -  ұзын

   Nose – мұрын                       Big - үлкен

   Mouth – ауыз                       Little – кішкентай.

   Hair –  шаш

 Ex:1, p:77. Look at the picture, write down here.





  Presentation new grammar material.

- Now children look at the blackboard and listen to me, then repeat after me.

  -Do you have   a/an …?

  - У тебя есть …?

 - Сенде ... бар ма?

 -Yes, I do or No, I do not.

Words: bike, kite, train, doll, boat, ball, dress, T-shirt, skirt, blouse, shorts, trousers.

Ex. -Do you have a car?

      - No, I don’t. I have a doll.

-Nice of you girls and boys.

Now, children open the pupils book ex.- 1, p. 67

Andy:  I have a ball. Do you have a ball?

Tom:   No, I don’t. I have a boat.  Do you have a boat?

Andy: Yes, I do. My boat’s little.

O’K pupils open the work books. Ex. 1, p. 78. Read and write.

   Children look at the pictures, read the bubbles, and then read the sentences in the boxes.

 - Do you have sandwich?

- Yes, I do. Do you have an apple?

- No, I don’t.







 Physical training.

     All together look at the blackboard. This is a short poem. I’ll read this is physical training you listen to me. Then you’re read

all together and one by one.                                   

             Head and shoulders,

             Knees and toes, knees and toes.

             Head and shoulders,             

             Knees and toes, knees and toes,

             And eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose

             Head and shoulders,

             Knees and toes, knees and toes.

All together.

OK! Nice of you!












 Fixing new knowledge.

    Open your Work books and look at the pictures in the thought bubbles on the left, compose the question and write in the speech bubble. The right hand thought bubbles indicate the Yes or No answer.    

- Do you have a doll?         -No, I don’t.

- Do you have a kite?         -Yes, I do.

- Do you have a car?         -No, I don’t.

- Do you have a bike?       -Yes, I do.

Ex.3. Play a game.

- Do you have black hair?       -No, I don’t.

- Do you have blonde hair?    -Yes, I do.

- Do you have a red T-shirt?  -Yes, I do.





 The home task.

 Open your dairies write down your home task is:

To learn by heart these words. And ex. 2, p.68 by P/B (Look and say). Look at the pictures and say what is in the speech bubbles.

-Do you have a train?        -No, I don’t.

-Do you have a robot?       -No, I don’t. I have a doll.


-          Did you understand me?

-          Do you have any questions?




 Summary of the lesson.

 Giving marks pupils for their work. Today you worked very well. Tell me please, what did you do on this lesson?

 Have you known something new?

 Do you understand this theme?

Very good.

 Your marks: ………..

 The lesson is over, good - bye!  

  You may be free.



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