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Ағылшын тілі "Health and health care" 11 сынып
25.03.2015 2744 406 Желдибаева Гульмира Муратовна

1. Оқушылардың «Денсаулық» тақырыбы бойынша білімдерін кеңейту, жүйелеу. Шығармашылыққа баулу
2. Тілдік структураларды қолдану, оқу, сөйлеу,ауыз екі сөйлеу біліктерін жетілдіру 3. Өз денсаулығына деген жауапкершілікті сезінуге тәрбиелеу
Сабақ барысы:
Good morning boys & girls. Sit down please
Task 1
OK. Let’s begin our lesson. I’d like to start our lesson with the proverbs. Look at the screen and match the two parts of the proverbs.
An apple a day / above wealth
Good health is / makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
Early to bed early to rise / keeps the doctor away
As you have noticed all these proverbs concern one topic and that is the topic of our today’s lesson. What is going to be the topic of the lesson?
Right you are. It’s health and health care. Can you give the Kazakh & Russian proverbs on the theme health?
Who can explain the meanings of these proverbs?
Health is the priceless richness in human’s life. Everybody should take care of his or her life. We should follow all the rules of being healthy, wealthy & wise. Unfortunately a lot of people fall ill every day.
Task 2
Let’s revise the words which you’ve learnt. How many words can you name in 1 minute
P: Sore throat, headache, earache, stomachache, backache, fever, cough, insect bite, bloody nose, hiccups, vomit, medicine, treat, treatment, disease illness, vaccine, epidemics, cough, catch a cold, the flu, operation, ambulance, transplant, test-tube baby, surgeon, ill, pain, hurt, painless, painful
Task 3
Look at the screen. Match the pictures with the sentences
1- C, 2-E, 3 –D, 4-A, 5-F, 6-B
Task 4
Nobody wants to fall ll. And if we fall ill we want to recover as soon as possible.
Tell me, please, who comes to us when we are ill? Who helps us to recover?
P: A doctor
You are right. But sometimes we get over some illnesses through home remedies. Here is given a text. Please, read the text.
Different cultures have different ways of treating common ailments. Some of the " old wives tales” or Superstations” in American culture are "an apple a day keeps the doctor away” , ‘eating spicy food while pregnant can cause the baby to come early”, "eating carrots gives you good eyesight” and "eating spinach will make you strong”
Task 5
What have you learnt from the text? So in our country there are also different ways of treating common illnesses. So I’d like you to fill in this chart and compare the ways of treating in Kazakhstan and in the USA

N Illnesses In the USA In Kazakhstan
1 A cold Take aspirin, drinks lots of fluids,
take vitamin C, rest and keep warm
2 The flu Take aspirin, liquids, vitamin C,
rest and keep warm
3 Hiccups Hold your breath and count to ten, drink
a glass of water ask someone to scare you
4 A headache Take aspirin and rest
5 Diarrhea Drink clear liquids only, eat no solid
food except toast or crackers
6 Fever Take aspirin, take a cool bath
7 Mosquito bites Apply cool compresses, antibiotic ointment
8 Sore throat Take throat lozenges, vitamin C

Task 6
Matching specialists
T: There are many different kinds of doctors, each of the them specializes in a particular area of medicine. Can you match the doctor in the left hand column with the area in which the doctor specializes?
Pediatrician [pi:diәеэtriSn] Veterinarian [vetәriэnәriәn]
Urologist [ jurolodзist] Ophthalmologist [ ofӨәеl’mәlәdjist]
Internist [‘intәnist] Obstetrician [obst ә’triSn]

General practitioner GP Dentist
Task 7 Grammar
1. I know that there are some students in you class who wants to enter the medical University after leaving school. Who wants to be a doctor, raise your hands, please?
OK, and then answer me such a question. A specialist of what fields will you become if you enter the medical university.
Pupils answers
What type of conditional sentences have you used in your speech? How many types of conditional sentences do you know?
Well look at the screen & do the next task.
Match the tenses forms with clauses according the type of condition
Zero Conditional I Conditional II Conditional III Conditional
If clause main clause

Tenses : Future simple in the past, Present Simple, Future Perfect in the Past, Past Perfect, Past Simple, Future Simple
2. grammar {leveled} exercises
№1 ex.8 p.53 Read the short texts and find out conditional sentences, name the type
№2 ex.16 p.60 Make up as many sentences as possible
№3 Finish the thought
3. Perhaps one day you will be a Minister of health of our country.
What would you do if ….
Task 8
1. Listening to the text
In some countries, such as Canada, medical care is free. All immigrants and refuses share a health card with the number on it: they present the card when they enter a health facility. People may visit the doctor; go to the hospital for surgery or tests, without paying. Students and visitors on visas have to pay for health care. In the United States, however, health care is very expensive. A visit to the doctor may cost from $25 to $250 a day. Because health care is so expensive, most people have health insurance. In this way they pay a flat fee for individual of family coverage. The insurance company then pays all or part of their medical bills.
Are these statements true or false?
1.Medical care in Canada is not free?
2.Students and visitors on visas don’t have to pay for health care.
3.In the USA a visit to the doctor may cost $25 to $250 a week
4.Most people have health insurance, because health care is so cheep
5.The insurance company then pays all or part of their medical bills.
Task 9
Project work
It is time to listen to your project works. At our last lesson you were given the themes for the project work
Project work №1
What system of health care exists in your country? How does it work?
Project work №2 The ways of keeping fit

Talk on the theme\ defence of the project work
T: Well thank you. I think you all will follow all these advises and hold the healthy style of life. WILL YOU?
Then let’s finish our lesson with a nice song
Home task
Right down your homework. At home you’ll write the essay on the topic "How to keep fit”.
I liked your work at the lesson. I’ll give an excellent (good, satisfactory) mark to …
The lesson is over. YOU may be free

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