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Самостоятельная работа к уроку английского языка “Канада” 10 класс
27.02.2015 1513 257 Савинова Елена Анатольевна

Canada     Quiz  10 grade   

I.1.What is the  territory  of Canada?

2.What  continent  is Canada occupies?

3. What is the  capital  of Canada ?

4. What is the Canadian flag?

 5. Who is recognized as monarch of Canada.             

 6. How many  people live in Canada?.

 7. Name  native people of Canada.

8. How many provinces  and  territories has Canada ?

9 What is the  official language  of Canada?

10. Name the biggest city of the country.

11. Name the most important cities of Canada .

II. Name the pictures!