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Конспект к уроку английского языка "My favourite kind of sport" 10 класс
20.02.2015 2481 0 Мартынова Айгуль Еркеновна

Aims of the lesson:
1. Ввести новую лексику по теме «Sport»; расширить знания учащихся о видах спортивных игр и их значении в жизни человека;
2. Способствовать развитию любознательности, речевой догадки, языковых навыков устной и письменной речи на иностранном языке;
3. Воспитывать уважительное отношение к людям, занимающимся спортом
Type of the lesson: Introduction of the new material.
Materials for the lesson: доска, слайды с изображениями, меловые записи.
Outline of the lesson:
Organization moment:
Good morning!
Who is on duty today?
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
Who is absent today?
2) Checking up the home task

When I think about sport, I usually think about...
Cinema famous sportsmen Olympic Games kinds of sport the role of sport in our life
Teacher: We must know many words to use them at the lesson. Look at the words on the blackboard. These words are for the kinds of sport beloved by millions of people.
Let’s read them.
Boxing tennis rugby ice hockey volleyball
Cricket horseracing rowing sailing swimming
Teacher: Children! I will give you cards. Say which of them sports are and which of them games are:
Skiing, skating, football, rugby, boxing, rowing, horseracing, basketball, golf, running, high jumping, cricket, ice hockey, badminton, tennis, baseball.
Teacher: So, these sports are very popular in England .Look at the blackboard! There are 5 cards with the numbers. Choose one and use the given key-word in your own sentence about popular British sports and games.
First invented (Football is a game invented and developed in Britain which is nowadays played all over the world)
1550. (People of England began to play cricket as early as 1550)
Scotland (Golf is the sport that began to develop in Scotland)
Saxon times (Boxing is one of the oldest British sports that existed in Saxon times)
1872. (Tennis was first played in England in 1872 , whose first championship was at Wimbledon)
Sport Sportswear Equipment
1. Football
2. Boxing
3. Tennis
4. Rowing
5. Golf

6.. Sailing
7. Basketball
8. Ice hockey
9. Snooker
10. Archery
11. Skating
12. Skiing 1.a T-shirt, shorts, knee-length socks
2. a T-shirt, shorts, gloves
3. a T-shirt, shorts
4. a waterproof jacket
5. a white shirt, white trousers
6. trainers
7.a sport jacket
8. a sport jacket,
9. a white shirt, trousers, shoes
10. a sport jacket
11. a sport jacket, mittens
12.a ski cap, a ski suit 1. a goal and a ball
2. boxing gloves
3.a racket and a ball
4. a boat
5. a club and a ball
6.a yacht
7. a basketball and a ring
8. a stick and a puck
9.a cue, a table, balls
10. a bow and arrows
11. skates
12. skis, ski poles and ski boots
Teacher: Look at the pictures on the blackboard. You can see different sports equipment and sportswear that people use in different sports and games. Your task is to match these pictures of equipment with their names and say what sports they belong to.

P1- a goal and a ball are for ....football. A T-shirt, shorts, knee-length socks are also for football
p12- basketball
7. Совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков
Teacher: One of the most popular game in the world, as in Britain and as in Kazakhstan is basketball. .Look at your cards. Here you can see some information about basketball. Choose the answer which is right in your opinion
Basketball was...(1) by Dr James A. Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. Today, basketball is usually played (2) ....... on a court.
There are ten players in a team but only five of them are on the court at the (3)...... time. A game consists of two halves of 29 minutes each, so a complete game lasts (4)....... minute’s altogether. At each end of the court there is a basket and the object of the game is to throw the ball into the (5)....... basket and score as many points as possible.
1. a) made b) invented c) called d) born
2. a) out b) in c) into d) indoors
3. a) other b) right c) same d) wrong time
4. a) twenty b) forty c) sixty d) ten minutes
5. a) opponent’s b) team’s c) club’s d) man’s
2. Listen to me and compare your answers and the real information.
Key: 1.-invented 2-indoors 3- same 4-forty 5-oppnent''s
3. Correct the wrong answers.
8 Совершенствование навыков говорения
Teacher: All over the world people of different ages are fond of sport and games. As for me I like sports and games too. I am fond of basketball. Nowadays I do not take part in sports competitions, but I do morning ex. every day .What sports and games are you fond of?
Take the card with your name and put it near the picture with sport or game you are going in for on the blackboard.
P1- My name is Sasha. My favourite sport is..... because it helps me to spend free time with pleasure.
P2 . My name is Asem. I like......it helps me to meet friends and different people.
P3 sport helps me to get on friendly terms with other people
P4 sport will help me to become a great /famous sportsman
P5 sport helps me to be healthy
P6 to keep fit
Р7 to improve my health
P8 to lead healthy way of life
to make my character
to become strong
to develop physically
to make myself more organized and better disciplined
Teacher: Well done! It is well known fact that Sasha is the best sportsman in our class Ask him questions about his hobby.
P1- What kind of sport do you go in for?
P2- When did you begin go in for sport?
P3- Do you go to a special school for sport?
P4- Where do you usually train?
P5- How long does it take you to train everyday?
1. Find some historical facts about any game ( sport) you choose
2. Think about some facts to prove that it is useful to go in for sports (mini- work in writing)